Woman to Scale Mount Everest to Fundraise For Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer affects many women across the world, which is why people are willing to take drastic steps to help find a cure for the disease. According to The Times of India, Anshu Jamsenpa is scaling Mount Everest on April 1 to fundraise for breast cancer awareness causes.

This will not be Jamsenpa’s first time climbing the mountain. She is currently the world record holder for scaling Mount Everest twice within the span of 10 days, according to the source. The April trip will be her fourth time climbing the world’s largest mountain peak.

Jamsenpa has a clear goal for the funds she will collect for her climb. She’ll distribute some to breast cancer patients and organizations. However, she also plans on holding workshops to educate people about the disease with help from the Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute (BBCI).

“With rapid urbanization, the incidents of breast cancer are increasing,” Shabana Bhagawati, assistant professor of the department of preventive oncology at BBCI, told the source. “Early detection of the disease and treatment can save many lives which is possible only through awareness. But, it is seen that awareness among the people is very low.”

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