Woman Turns Breast Cancer Diagnosis Into a Creative Outlet

A breast cancer diagnosis often is a battle of the mind to stay focused and busy during operations and treatment. On woman used her creative spirit to make it through the hard times. Tania Katan developed breast cancer at a young age, according to USA Today. When she was just 21 and studying at Arizona State University, she was diagnosed with an advanced form of the disease. Through her journey she underwent six months of chemotherapy and a mastectomy.

Using her newly found knowledge from a playwriting class she was taking, she decided to write her own play about her experience with breast cancer. She put a humorous spin on the story that was produced by both Arizona State and the University of Connecticut.

Unfortunately, her battle with breast cancer wasn't over – she found another lump 10 years later. This time she kept a journal and wrote down her experiences at every chance. It was formed into a memoir titled "My One Night Stand With Cancer."

The nonprofit organization Breastcancer.org recommends journaling by writing down your emotions and daily activities. According to the group, research shows that it can lead to a better state of mental well-being, and it may help patients physically feel better.

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