Women Join Together For Breast Cancer Awareness

The Gilda's Club South Jersey recently asked members of its Breast Cancer Survivor Support Group to offer advice to other local women who were recently diagnosed with the disease. As it's anticipated that 300,000 American women will develop breast cancer this year, women in the Atlantic City area joined together to be a support system to one another.

The discussion was geared toward women who were dealing with an initial cancer diagnosis, and some bits of advice included communication with family, friends and doctors. Women who already went through breast cancer hit hard on topics such as asking as many questions as possible, bringing someone along to doctor's appointments and researching the disease.

Women who have not yet been diagnosed with breast cancer can reduce their risk of the disease by living a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating well.

"It's pretty clear that obesity and a lack of physical activity are bad for health in general, and there's emerging evidence that they're bad for breast cancer, too," Dr. Charles Shapiro, director of the breast cancer research program at Ohio State University, told the Courier Journal. "The prognosis of breast cancer, if you have it, is negatively altered by the extent of how overweight you are."

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