You Were Chosen

“Red Rover, Red Rover, send Judy right over!” Remember that game? If you were a skilled Red Rover player, your playground social status rose commensurately. And as grown ups, it’s still prestigious to be a member of the chosen few.

Many people might say that I fell victim to breast cancer. Now hear this: I am NOT a victim. As I detailed in my book IT’S JUST HAIR:20 ESSENTIAL LIFE LESSONS, I was CHOSEN to have breast cancer, along with 288,000 other women in 2011. We’re chosen because our experiences can help myriad others in the future, through our work and that of our doctors. What a humbling opportunity for us to help others in need!

Yes, it takes courage to look at your misfortune and call yourself chosen. But think about this:
1. “No woman is an island.” Okay, it’s really “man,” but gender doesn’t matter. As humans, we’re all interconnected and have to learn from others.
2. You, too, can be a research rat. Even if you don’t lift a finger, the experience for which you were chosen can aid doctors, scientists, your friends and family, and more.
3. Give ’em a break. If we look at our illness as an opportunity to aid society, those who love us might be able to as well.
4. Champion role model. Finding good role models for our kids is tough, but when the kids in your life see you standing up to adversity, it will be easier for them to do so when they’re chosen.
5. Like lima beans, it’s good for YOU! If those four reasons don’t float your boat, this one surely will. Having the attitude that you were chosen for your challenge should make you feel special. And that’s a great step back toward health!

Judy Pearson
South Haven, MI

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